The worldwide electronic security industry continues to grow despite tough economic climates – particularly with rapid adoption of video cameras and related systems in a post 9-11 environment – yet a high level of fragmentation remains in the industry. Even while large conglomerates such as TYCO, Honeywell, United Technologies and Schneider expand with acquisitions, a substantial number of smaller players survive, if not thrive. This is particularly prevalent for electronic access control systems.

Vanderbilt is a global provider of state-of-the-art security systems. Its portfolio comprises over 2,000 products and it currently supplies and supports in excess of 9,000 customers. Vanderbilt designs, manufactures and distributes systems which make environments in organizations of all sizes safe, secure and easy to maintain, complemented by an agile and flexible service. 

After numerous acquisitions, Vanderbilt is now the largest independent business of its kind in the security industry.

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ComNet is a USA-based manufacturer of audio, video, data and Ethernet communication products headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, with an International facility in Leeds, UK.
ComNet focuses on manufacturing and sales of specialized communications and networking solutions to the security market, intelligent transportation system market, and power transmission and distribution market.

ComNet was acquired by ACRE, LLC in December 2016.

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